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Before & After Care

About Us

Fun, exciting, educational mornings and afternoons await your child here. My Best Self! program for school-age students focus on goal setting and reflection, complemented by homework support, team-building opportunities, and physical activity.

With a mix of independent and organized activities, and education and recreation opportunities, our program offers an involving experience for all students, while giving order and routine to their mornings and afternoons.

Ask your director for details about the clubs currently available in your school_— and possible transportation to/from your elementary school


Before School

We set students up for productive school days through an effective morning routine that helps define daily goals for them. This club encourages:

  • Self-awareness
  •  Integrity
  •  Responsibility and sense of purpose

After School

Student-led activities and large-group experiences in team-building games promote collaboration and self-reflection. Children learn about:

  • Independence
  • Conscious reflection
  • Personal responsibility
  • Sense of community

Pre Registration Info

KIPP Saint Louis Pre-Registration

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Payment Fees for the program

STL Location

Daily = $25

Before Care ONLY= $35 weekly

After Care ONLY = $50 weekly

Before AND After = $85 weekly

Sibling Discount =  $20 weekly

ATL Location

Daily Drop = $25

Before Care ONLY= $30 weekly

After Care ONLY = $65 weekly

Before AND After = $90 weekly

Sibling Discount =  $20 weekly


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We also accept State Childcare Assistance
(GA – CAPS) or  (MO – DHSS)

Physical challenges, as well as large-motor and team-building activities, keep students fit and healthy, setting them on a path to:

· Developing healthy habits for life

· Reducing anxiety and stress

· Boosting self-esteem

We encourage organization, responsibility, and self-awareness in a structured, supportive environment for doing homework. This club emphasizes:

· Organization

· Responsibility

· Self-awareness

Long-term projects are developed with and by students, around issues important to them and their community. These activities promote:

· Critical thinking and problem-solving

· Connecting with the community

· Giving back and making a difference

Etiquette Class - Mrs. Phyllis Perry-Carson

The Art of Proper Etiquette! Purpose: To educate today’s generation in the proper ways to conduct themselves in all environments. Training in areas of dining, overall table manners. Also with a strong interest on personal hygiene and attire.  Offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Physical Health & Wellness - Mr. Jesse Lane, 3rd Degree Black Belt

At Building Young Minds Martial Arts, we are not only interested in self-defense skills, but in the development of each person as a whole. A famous teacher once said, “These are the tools of everyday life, what you learn in here, you can apply elsewhere…”  Nowhere is this more important than in our children’s classes, where we realize that we must embody the very same principles that you as parents are trying to instill in your children.
Our children’s programs are “second to none.” You see, we realize that, although the ability to defend oneself is important, there are far more important benefits to be had from involving your child in a martial arts program. That’s why our unique program of work and fun is designed to instill: Effort and Concentration, Character and Self-Esteem, Sincerity and Respect, Self-Control and Focus, Learn and Develop Better Discipline.
Offered on Fridays

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Ms. Tenesha Moore (Owner)


[email protected]